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I am so ashamed of the SolesWrightBlackburnAndtheRest situation involving the Tabor City Community. It is no secret to the lifelong residents that Senator Soles' questionable behavior has gone on for years. Only until now has it been this publicized. People such as Mayor Royce Harper will defend Senator Soles to the dying end because they see him as these criminals do...a gravy train ticket for money. In a way I feel a bit sorry for Mr. Soles because I wonder if he thinks he has a true friend at all. It appears that he is used and he is using people for his re-election. This is a sad situation but has been going on for years. Power and money can make people do strange things. Lives have been damaged by supplying a easy hand out whenever learning to make a living is so much more important. None of these young men invovled with Senator Soles has an education. That speaks volumes in itself. Sen. Soles seems to harp on them getting an education but none have and none will as long as he keeps handing out money by the fist fulls. Rezell Jordan, Allen Strickland Daniel Floyd, Shane Coleman, BJ Wright, Kyle Blackburn, Stacy Scott, Michael Scott, the late Chad Buffkin and Shaun Stanley are individuals closely connected to Senator Soles who are all ex cons with the exception of Strickland. The investigation concerning Sen. Soles should have been done years ago. Sen. Soles is not innocent and all these people totally at fault. Soles Supporters need to get their heads out of the sand and start asking him questions. Sen. Soles knows what he's done and he knows he's in big time trouble or he would not have hired this high profile lawyer who isn't working for nothing I would think. Speculation after speculation can be made by the general public, but a normal and prudent person knows that something is very wrong concerning Senator RC Soles, Jr and these young men. It's time for everything to be laid on the table.


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