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Sedentary lifestyle

It seems the sedentary lifestyle of the liberal with their arms held out in a palm up position is what is causing all this. If everyone were to work, pay for their own healthcare, take care of themselves (not get fat and lazy), and take responsibility for their actions, then I think this great country would be in a better position. But, since we have those of you refuse to take resposibility for ANY action they have, then it is up to the rest of us to support the fat and lazy liberal, who expect entitlements and handOUTs. If the fat and lazy liberals had to pay once in a while and DO something (other than mooch off society), then I think they would realize what a raw deal they are giving to everyone else. Also, I agree with the others who have posted that if the US Government cannot manage social security, then why should we entrust them with our HealthCare. From Capitalism to Socialism in 8 months. Thank you for your horrible change Mr. Obama. You are not a real president to me until you decide to listen to the people and not cherry pick what you want to hear.


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