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Reform Insurance Practices

You'd better hope that you don't lose your job. If you do, you may end up like me. I was insured every second of my life. Once COBRA ran out I was denied coverage by all companies licensed in NC except one. That one has to insure everyone but can charge whatever they want. I was quoted a rate that is 6 times what is shown on their website. Using today's rates, that amounts to $2925.00/month. Add in another $490 for my wife and the total comes to $41,000/year. Can you afford that? ( condition is managed with a few pills a day and 2 doctor visits per year.) Surely you are smart enough to know that an aspirin doesn't cost $7.00. How much were you charged for electricity, water, air conditioning, etc? ZERO. It's all in the price of the aspirin. Yes, it is an odd practice, but the cost would be the same however they break it down.


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