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Guess again

I've been paying into Social Security for thirty-nine years and will GLADLY accept my check. Does that make it any less ridiculous a program? Of course not! Return all the money that my employers and I paid in at a 5% interest rate and THEN I'd gladly pass on a monthly check. As long as I'm forced to participate in this lunacy, you can bet that I'm going to collect the money that was taken from me. Oh, but wait...they don't HAVE any money to allow people to opt out early! They simply have a bunch of IOUs, because Congress has been using the money. According to the Social Security Administration itself, without a major overhaul or infusion of money (i.e., increased taxes) they'll be flat broke with no money to pay out to recipients in twenty-eight years. Sounds like flim-flamming, phony-baloney accounting to me....and you want your healthcare run by those same people?


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