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Since you posted this again....

...her's a second chance to answer some questions. Why, by the time COBRA had expired, had you not found another job? Has your wife explored the possibilities of seeking employment from a company that will cover her and her dependents? Have you availed yourself of all the low cost clinics and big-box pharmacies that are springing up? Semi-annual visits to a walk-in clinic and $4.00 generics makes the proprietary drugs your only major expense, and there are even programs to help you pay for those. In answer to your question, yes, I COULD afford $41k a year, but I would never pay that. I'd simply go without insurance, as many people choose to do. That's not to sound bold or exhibit false bravado, but to emphasize a point I consistently make: If we accept that life isn't fair, how we manage the adversities we face becomes the hallmark of our life. I, for one, will not dedicate a substantial portion of my income to guard against "what if." "What if" may never come, but if it does I'll accept the consequences of my decision. Let's face it, we're all reaching that same sunset anyway. Far more important than when that arrives is how you live your life, what you accomplish before that. You cannot expect insurance companies to accept pre-existing conditions that guarantee an endless stream of red ink somewhere in the future. They're insurance companies, not insurance charities. Like every other corporation, they are in business to provide goods or services for a price, and to make money while doing it. Outlaw dropping someone when they get sick? Sure - I'm 100% behind that. Forcing them to take people with pre-existing conditions at the same rate as everyone else? No way. Your condition is YOUR condition, not mine. Don't expect me to pay more so you can pay less. Like I said, life's not fair. Here's a key point: The government will never be able to make it fair. YOU have to deal with what life has thrown in your path, and I have no dount that you're capable of doing it. Don't get lazy and expect a bunch of devious, inept politicians to try and solve your problems for you.


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