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It depends on your definition of "collapse."

I'd say that when the Social Security Administration has to cut benefits by a full quarter, that's a collapse. You're not getting what you were promised. Remember, too, that that figure was just moved up from last year's report. Will it move again next year? Get closer? When you also consider the unfunded entitlements and our already existing national debt, you may find that Congress starts reneging on all those IOUs they've handed the Social Security Administration out of necessity. How long before they start telling successful Americans, "You're not getting any of your money?" (That's when the REAL revolution starts.) So I'll just sit here on my "high horse" and tell you that I didn't have kids until I knew I could provide for them. They had medical insurance until they left home. *I* took care of my kids, and I'm not Superman. By the way, if you start a movement to take taxpayer funded care from the "won'ts," I'll support you 100%. People need to manage their own lives. If they can't or won't, don't try to stick the rest of us with the bill! If you can afford a cell phone and cable, you can afford health insurance. You can't have everything in life until you can afford it!


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