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No Obamacare

All of these posts really crack me up people! Am I overweight - yes I am but that is my business. Am I gainfully employed - yes I am (for the moment). Do I pay for my healthcare through my employer - yes I do. Do I want government-run healthcare - absolutely not! I have always had healthcare and have never had any health issues with me being overweight. BESIDES, IT IS NO ONE'S BUSINESS BUT MY OWN. I am telling you people - be afraid, be very afraid of Obama and his minions. They will force you to take part on Obamacare - the cost of this care will be drafted out of your bank account. As far as I am concerned, that is illegal, but I'm telling you, Obama and his minions want to control everything about your life. Get a grip and see through your rose colored, foggy glasses. Most of us have a hard enough time making ends meet without paying for the care of others. This is lunacy - WAKE UP AMERICA!


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