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If you....

If you think public schools, the VA, public fire and police protection are "socialist": then oppose health care reform If you enjoy getting double digit increases to your health insurance plan: Then oppose health care reform If you prefer getting less salary/wages because your employer has to pay more for health insurance every year: Then oppose health care reform If you think it’s a bad thing for individuals to discuss living wills and end of life care with their doctor: Then oppose health care reform If you think it’s a good thing that you pay higher insurance premiums to inefficiently subsidize the uninsured: Then oppose health care reform If you are genuinely concerned about the federal deficit, does it bother you to know that health care costs currently eat up 16% of GDP, and will be 20% of GDP in just 8 short years? If not, then by all means, oppose health care reform. If you are genuinely a believer in the “free market” and competition, are you aware that health insurance companies are exempt from the Sherman Anti-Trust act, and therefore CAN collude, and CAN have monopolies? Is that really the “free market” at work? If you think the government is going to ration care, are you aware that the “free market” currently forces patients to wait for results on cancer biopsies and cancer treatments before getting treated to make sure their insurance can cover their treatment? Do you think those patients are getting “the best possible care” right now, having to wait for cancer treatments? If you like the fact that our country has worse mortality and morbidity compared to every other industrialized country, and pays more for the privilege of those worse outcomes, then by all means, oppose health care reform. If Canada, France and England have such a bad health care system, then why aren’t they clamoring for their politicians to institute an “American style” health insurance system? If you are religious in any religion, do you believe “Love your neighbor as yourself?” If you love yourself enough to care for your own body, do you love others as your God or your Savior commanded you to, and are you willing to help them? If not, perhaps consider a religion that doesn’t ask you to sacrifice for others. If you do not wish to have government sponsored health care for yourself, then by all means, say no. But please stop trying to prevent the option for those that do.


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