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Nice try, but no religion on Earth....

...commands us to give our money to the government first, to take care of our fellow man. I give away thousands every year. Let the government try to step in as a middle man and my checkbook will slam shut like it's spring loaded! Take the time to look at health care in Canada, the UK, and France before you preach its virtue: Thousands of Canadians coming to this country for treatment. The UK negotiating with private insurers to assist in making National Health more affordable for the Crown. France thinking of raising taxes even above their current punitive rate because their healthcare system is so expensive. Your entire post is nothing but rhetorical silliness until we reach the last paragraph. At that point it decends into total nonsense, because as everyone who has read the bill knows, YOU CAN'T SAY NO TO OBAMACARE IF IT PASSES! The good news is that most of your countrymen are saying no NOW, before it passes.


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