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So if you both have advanced degrees....

...and you've both been employed all your lives, you must have saved quite a nestegg, no? Good. Use it to pay for your health needs. If you don't like the tax code's treatment of health insurance, CHANGE THE TAX CODE! Don't try to reinvent America into some European Socialist Utopia where we all get the same medicre, marginal treatment. There are MANY ways we could make healthcare work better in this country, but unfortunately the Socialists won't get off their "all things for all people" bandwagon. That's why Obamacare as envisioned is dead. Too many promises, too many unanswered questions, too much deception, and too few people paying for it. Let's go over the humanitarian issue one last time. It is **MY** job to help my fellow man. Jesus told **ME** to do that. He didn't appoint Caeser as my proxy, and I don't need a bloated, inefficient bureaucracy deciding where my charity should go.


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