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You're resorting to religion?

First, let's YET AGAIN bring up that point you hate: Fully one-half of the uninsured Americans are uninsured BY CHOICE. They CHOOSE to spend their money elsewhere. That is a fact that even the left agrees is true, hence the mandating of coverage in the current house bills. You've obviously run out of ammo. You've become just the latest liberal to reach for the Bible, but only when it comes to wealth redistribution or capital punishment. So let's go over this again: There is not a single religion in the world that commands us to give our money to the government first, to take care of our fellow man. That is **MY** obligation, not CAESER's. I give away thousands every year. Let the government try to step in as a middle man and my checkbook will slam shut like it's spring loaded! That's purely out of self defense, because I will have a lot less money to give if this administration gets their way. Helping people who are TRULY in need is charitable and admirable. Feeding a massive, tyrannical, bloated government bureaucracy to skim off their share and then help the lazy, inept, and those whose financial priorities are screwed up is NOT charity. It's idiocy.


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