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First off, I wouldn't put my hands on the bible anyways. I prefer Alistair Reynolds or George R.R. Martin for my fiction. How about the other half of uninsured americans? Shall we just forget about them? I notice you are very adamant about pointing out how you give thousands every year. Does repeatedly pounding that point home make you feel better? I have noticed how you assume that most spend their money on things they do not need. Just a question for you on your statement "The whole half of uninsured americans are uninsured by choice." Where did you get those figures from? Did they interview all 47 million americans and audit their monthly budgets? I'd bet they asked 500 people and based it off of that. I digress, I forgot that we "liberals" are all about taking freedom away from hard working americans and giving all the power to the government. Wait, I forgot, the republican'ts were the one to institute the greatest bastardization of our freedoms......The Patriot Act......


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