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You're argument is getting weaker and weaker

You brought up religion because Conservatives did that years ago on other issues? They failed , too - didn't they? Did you see the post where I told someone that we're not a Christian nation - we're a secular nation? So why would you try to use religion with me? My religion is MY religion. I don't expect everyone to accept my religion, nor do I expect the government to run the country based upon my religion. (I also know enough about my religion to know that the government can't assume my responsibilities toward my fellow man.) Now as far as the Patriot Act, let's get a few things straight. First of all, Customs and the IRS have NEVER needed warrants to search or seize. Did that ever upset you before mean ol' George? ATF (now ATFE) could always inspect gun dealers and yellow sheets without warrants long before the Patriot Act. Did that bother you? You can also take it to the bank that the FBI doesn't have enough agents to be worrying if you're checking "The Tropic of Cancer" out of the library. If, however, your name is Muhammed Bin Kalil, THEY'VE ALREADY BEEN WATCHING YOU, and you're researching anthrax spores at the library, they might show an interest. You can call Bush militarily incompetent. You can even call him incredibly annoying, if you want too, but you can't call him a tyrant. He never showed an interest. The current President is very interested, and he's in the process establishing the People's Republik of the United States. I'd be far more worried about a government that will take over the health, banking, and energy industries than one expessing an interest in what Lil' Achmed is reading. We conservatives don't know everything, we just resent a government that ignores the Constitution, treats us as if we don't know anything, and tells us that we don't have a right to weigh the facts and make a decision that affects only us and our families. I already had a mommy. I don't need another.


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