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Okay, this does it. It is bad enough that I can't even go to a restaurant, grocery store, hospital or other places without having to listen to someone chattering away on their phone, now if I go to the beach or a pool, they will be in the water with it too? Give me a break!!!! It sounds good for those fishing or out on boats and not wanting to lose their phone to water damage, but just for someone who wants to chat incessantly? I think not. People, you are not that important!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can see using the phone for emergency purposes, or to ask a question, but unfortunately I have had to listen to people carry on sometimes personal conversations (I always wonder if the person on the other end knows that their personal business is being broadcast in a restaurant, etc)! You can tell me that I can move, but why should I? If I am sitting at a table in the restaurant, and you choose to carry on a personal conversation, who should move? Me - I think not!!! Take yourself outside!!!! A warning to others also - I happened to be in Shallotte at a clothing store and a young woman came in and stayed on the cell phone the whole time I was there. I was in the dressing room so it wasn't like I could walk away at the time, and people, I have never heard such language and nasty talk about a person in my life. She was telling someone on the other end about her best friend, and she was not speaking nicely about her either. I finished trying on clothes and got out of there as fast as I could. I was fed up with hearing it. I don't know who her friend was, but I sure felt sorry for her!


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