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Rest In Peace Dan.... You will not be forgotten!

I live on Middle Sound and my husband and I knew him very well... My husband knew him even better than I. He would feed Dane free breakfast for every morning at Cardinal Lanes North and give him a cup of coffee. The owner of Cardinal Lanes gave him odd jobs like picking up the trash in the parking lot to earn a few dollars. My husband and I always gave him short rides back and forth to the Scotchman if we saw him sitting at the Food Lion store or anywhere we happened to be shopping. Several Christmas's and Thanksgivings our family prepared and brought him a hot homemade meal. He was a very sweet man and he remembered everything you told him! The last story he told me was only two weeks ago. We were having that terrible hot snap. He said that it was so hot outside that day, he thought he was going to die by drowning in his own sweat. He explained that he was sitting under a big old oak tree not moving an inch and was pouring sweat. He also mentioned that day that he was hungry and only had a one penny to his name. Unfortunately I told him I didn't have any money on me.... I really didn't... and besides I knew that he drank allot and I didn't want him buying beer with the money so I offered him my husbands sandwich instead... he declined. Rest in Peace Dane, You will be missed!


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