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Its About Something

Yes we have other concerns. Obesity should not be the major concern of government right now though, if people live a lifestyle that causes them to be obese that is there concern. They are hurting themselves, all we can do is educate them. No need for a sugar tax and punish everybody that likes sweats and soft drinks in moderation. Liberals want to ruin the food and drink industry next by adding a sugar tax, which in the long run will not stop obesity, it will just cost us more of our money out of our pockets and cause lost jobs. RC Soles represents us in 3 counties and it is important to some of us. Quote by Manifest Destiny: (Do we not have more pressing issues to concern ourselves with, such as unemployment, healthcare, the upcoming swine flu pandemic, OBESITY,etc.?) Yes and our representative RC Soles is supposed to be working on theses issues, but he is having to spend most of his time thinking about how he is going to get out of a situation that he himself has created, instead of working for the people. Most people want a respectful and moral person representing them that can make good decisions. If he can't make good decisions in his personal life or business, what makes you think he can make good decisions for us up in Raleigh?


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