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...and this is what the WHOLE debate is about...

"Too often you see somebody who doesn't have health insurance, run into a situation where they have to make a choice whether to remain in school or leave in order to get the medical care they need," said Katrin Wesner of UNCW Student Health Services." That sums it up. That expresses the belief that every single left-wing, big governmnet fanatic has regarding every facet of health insurance and health care: You should have no freedom whatsoever to decide how YOU run YOUR life. Guess what Uberfuhrer Wesner? This is America. If a student doesn't want to buy health insurance and then has to drop out when they use their tuition money to pay for medical treatment, so be it! THAT IS THEIR CHOICE! How dare you tell people that they have to spend THEIR money to protect YOUR revenue stream?


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