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So let me get this straight....

A bunch of anal-retentive, "I'm better than you, so I have to have a guardhouse to keep you out" folks built a private community - to stay in control of who can live in their little utopia. Houses all the same color, perfectly manicured lawns...they chose to keep it all private so they could have their way, and exclude/include whatever and whoever they want. Now, they're discovering that they can no longer support their lifestyle and the services they need. Golf courses are expensive to maintain - as are the cobblestone roads going through some parts of the development. All the burdens of infrastructure for this small 'town' is supposed to be carried by its residents...guess they don't want to pay anymore ;) So the perfect thing to do? Annex the very folks you've worked so hard to exclude!!! Of course, this brings a question to mind. If St. James is indeed a private community/town...what legal right do they have to proceed with any type of annexation to begin with? I seriously doubt eminent domain can be used here, as the 'public' receives no benefit whatsoever. Gates don't just keep folks out - they keep folks in, too ....y'all shoulda thought of that before you built your little wall around yourselves.


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