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Here here, We Americans are apathetic! If you really are sick of living in these republic conditions take a stand! Protest Its your right. Write and call your representatives. Make your vote count and STOP voting for the incumbents whose pockets are lined with corruption! As for St. James and their gate.I believe it is there to give a sense of security for the crime that occurs outside the gates. Would be crooks will have a more difficult time entering the Town if they have to go through a "rent a cop" check point.I personally find it silly to pay to live in a town that dictates how long your garage door can be left open, what color your home can be etc. It is the citizens of St. Jame's right to live like this. It is wrong however for the Town to force their will on those who chose not to live like this. I do not know what is will take to stop this. Money I would guess ,put the right hands. This is how our government works due to the stupidity and the apathy of the past elections!


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