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Depends I Spose....

There are a lot of various sources leading to the same basic facts out there, that is true. OK then, I'll put them in the top 5 given the range of discrepancies in various reports but they ultimately point back to the same thing. The facts clearly state that pitt bulls, rottweilers, chows and wolf-hybrids are the most dangerous dogs. Period. Fact. Now I think that the German Shepard should also be included. That's only my opinion but there is substantial evidence that would point to that being a valid opinion as well. I agree there are exceptions to every breed, and I used to raise dogs, but the overall nature of a breed is what you go by. You simply do not get a pitt if you are looking for a "family" dog. They are not known for that and common sense will tell you that. Can they be handled? Yes by a competent and diligent owner that is aware of the responsibility in owning one. It seems that the majority of issues occur when an aggressive pitt meets an irresponsible owner! On another note I saw yesterday that a pitt had bitten and flattened all 4 tires on a police car in one of our northern counties. Never known my golden to do that!!


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