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about the comment titled...Depends I Spose....

look i had a pit for a while and u cant change my mind about him being a family dog..i had 2 kids at the time, had a family member with three kids living with me at that time..and not once did he even snap or show aggresion towards anyone of them..and these kids ages ranged from newborn-5......they would jump on him and just do the things a kid would do while playing with any kind of dog.....i have also had a full blooded german sheperd and she was the sweetest thing u ever met........she not once ever showed aggression or anything....sooo for u to put certain dogs in a "non family dog" category is crazy....i believe it is how u raise the animal...its the same as raising a child...if u are mean to the child, abuse the child to get what u expect of him, dont feed the child, dont show love to the child.......really how do u expect them to be when they r grown.....just like a dog would be if it was treated that way.....mean,hurtful,non-trustworty, the list can go on and makes me sad to think 90% of these ppl who mistreat an animal has kids........its just all in all...this is the mothers fault.....if i house sit a dog and i dont know the dog...yes it would be kept in a cage, or outside while my family wouldnt matter what breed it is.........any dog can turn on anyone.......i hope the parents get what they deserve .....and they will.................


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