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we need health care reform now

I agree with these supporters of health reform and the large number of citizens who signed their petition. It is in the nation's best interest - economically, defensively, etc - to cover health care for all, similar to how there is public education available to everyone. While there are plenty of examples of waste that need to be corrected, there are multiple government programs that work quite well. Medicare spends 94-96% of every dollar allotted to it on actual health care, while insurance companies only spend 70-80%! (the rest goes to marketing, middle-men to deny claims and rescind coverage, CEO salaries, and lobbying against reform!). What about the US post office - 44cents to get a letter from me to California is pretty good! And most of the problems re:staying within budget are due to congress slashing funding from these important programs. The conservatives such as Grover Norquist are the ones who want to whittle down government so much such that he can "drown it in the bathtub." I don't trust someone to run good government whose goal is to make government look bad.


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