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Why is this so difficult to understand????

I flat out do not get it. We have a government that taxes 20 million people everyday. Income taxes, sales taxes, excise taxes, white good taxes, disposal taxes...on and on and on, but our country is basically broke and way in debt. Where in the hell is all of that money going? We have a government that hasn't even made the most feeble attempt to close our borders from illegal alien entry (much less terrorists!). They enter by the hundreds or more everyday. We give them a tax-free life and free health care. The illegals also sponge of of our social security and without ever contributing a dime. We have a government that developed a Social Security system that is currently void of capital and will go bankrupt in a matter of years because they keep stealing the money out of ther pot. So people??? What is it that convinces you that the government has the potential to successfully develop, administer, regulate and manage a nationwide healthcare system? The government has NEVER been able to do that with ONE single program...EVER! Why is it that you believe it can happen now? Is the word "FREE" that enticing, even when in reality it is never "FREE"??? There are changes required to turn things around a bit, but some of those changes will require the fat, dumb, lazy and ignorant to get off their duffs and go to work and earn something for once. The hardworking, paying and upstanding citizens of this country will not uphold the rest for long. They will simply quit and join the "easy" ranks as the rest. Why work to pay for other peoples needs? I don't have a problem helping my fellow man, but I'll be damned if I'm going to work to support the lazy, the obese and the unmotivated people tha make up the largest percentage of those that are uninsured.


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