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Action or Reaction

I've read a bunch of these posts and am wondering if people are thinking deeply or just reacting to inflammatory phrases. First off, we do not have the best health care in the world. For every one of "the Canadians", or whoever, who come here for treatment, there are many more Americans who go to other countries for medical care. Look it up, talk to people. We have higher infant mortality and lower life expectancy rates than our European cousins. We have much higher obesity numbers than ANY other country in the world. We may have the wealthiest surgeons and other specialists, but they aren't doing much for most of us. I am self-employed. My premium goes up annually even though I have never had a claim except for check-ups. Doesn't yours? I have to raise deductibles to keep it affordable. Insurance agents say that those of us who actually Have health insurance are paying for those who don't. The uninsured have to go to the emergency room for treatment as they cannot be turned away (which is news to me). Hospitals raise prices to recover these costs. So, we are already paying for the uninsured. Why not have a universal provider to even things up? Keep your old policy and give the rest insurance. And for all you whiners about government programs not working, how about the military? Shall we give that up, too? No, our government is not perfect, and never will be. After all, we elect the government, and we are not so smart. And no, I don't believe in free money or services to those too lazy to work. And that includes government "workers". It won't be easy or fun to fix our country, but fixing it needs, and fast. So quit thinking that everyone who thinks as you do is right and the rest are "Socialists". We have to work and live together, so let's find common ground and get on with it. The old ways no longer work and we must find new ways. Mistakes will be made and crying/yelling/screaming won't help.


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