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Some really bad math on taxes here....

Not sure what to say about this except that somebody needs a serious math lesson. The increase of the sales tax from 6.75% to 7.75% is a ONE CENT increase. This equates to a 14.9 PERCENT increase to the sales tax rate. That's correct...14.9% tax increase, not 1%. Now...did anyone out there get even a 5% increase on their salary? How about a 3% decrease in their insurance premiums? Utility bills went down, right? How about gas prices? Are your bills at the grocery store decreasing too? Maybe we are all on the same camp now. A 14.9% tax increase, a 30% homeowners insurance increase? People are taking pay cuts and even losing jobs and this gets dropped on our laps? Ohh...and it temprorary too, only good until 2011. Righto...... Misreporting due to errors? Embarrasing maybe? Not nearly as embarrasing as having Bev Perdue lay this burden on the citizens of North Carolina and it's only the tip of the iceberg. Wait until you go out for dinner and cocktails or stop at the corner market to buy your carload of kids some sodas. What is it going to take for the citizens of this great state to stand up and stop having greedy politicians ramrod this stuff down throats completely unchecked? It's OUR money, not the governments!!!


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