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the Attorney General's comment. "...his prosecutors will make a decision based on law and fact..." Suppositions, half truths, street gossip, and all the "inside information" known only to the residents of Tabor City which would so change everyone's perception will have no place in the investigation. With the conflicting statements by folks such as B J Wright and the young man who first claimed and then recanted his allegation of molestation, the end result here will likely be an expenditure of tax payer dollars just to quench the thirst for blood of R C Soles. Tabor Citiites, start looking for a new form of entertainment. Any trial held will never be held in your area. If a trial were to be held, look for something called a change of venue. In the meantime, all the ones making posts calling for R C's scalp, what are you doing to hit him where it hurts -- the ballot box? Seems like nothing but posting street gossip. When he runs and is re-elected in 2010, the Voters and Republican Party can stand tall and claim responsibility for his sucessful re-election campaing. Republican Party -- the clock is ticking.


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