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Stop crying liberal socialists

Freedom (not yet a bad word) is what made this country and it is the only thing that will save it from the onslaught of Marxist socialism that is currently assulting the minds of our people. People have the the freedom to say, "I do not trust this president speaking to my children (whom did not vote for him), especially since I have not heard the speech nor do I agree with his policies." Freedom means that people can say "no" even if that goes against popular opinion. The only thing that small minded people can come up with is that it must be racism. Are people treating Obama differently because he is half black or half white?? How about Obama's ties to extreme rasicts like his former preacher or his new "czar" Van Jones who recently commented that "you didn't see black kids doing Columbine." How about his ties to former terrorists (weather underground) or former Black Panthers? Liberals need to get their heads out of the sand and look around. Protect your freedom because many forces are out there trying very hard to diminish it. Parents...feel good about your freedom to say no to this political ploy or feel good about your decision to say yes. It is about freedom and you should appreciate it. Don't make it a racial issue when it is clearly not one.


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