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This is not racism, it is

This is not racism, it is politics pure and simple. And why does the President really need to give a speech to school children? They don't vote. There is a very diverse audience here and if he speaks in a manner that would be understood by first graders, he is going to appear to be talking down to those in high school, and if he speaks to the higher grades, the elementary school children will not understand. As far as furthering education, kids will stay in school if they have family and local school system support, not because the President thinks it is a good idea. There are many reasons why students drop out of school. A speech from the President is not going to change that. I truly think it is much ado about nothing. Before all is said and done, I'm sure someone will be selling dvds of it and anyone who wants can buy a permanent record of it. For those of you who cannot understand some of the parents' response, ask yourself how you would react if they sent home word that Sarah Palin was giving a speech to your children.


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