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obama's speech to children

I completely agree with those people who are stating that it is appropriate for our president to address our children. His message is that of staying in school and keeping on track. As a registered Republican, I didn't vote for Obama, but it is what it is now. People need to recognize that the country falters as a whole when we collectively and very publicly attack our commander in chief. The world is watching, if we can't respect our own president, how can we expect other countries' leaders to do so? I do not agree with all that has transpired since the president has taken office, however, come one people, Clinton addressed his speeches towards the younger demographic so much so that at 14 I wished I was old enough to vote! I don't remember giant public outcries about him being inappropriate. It is time to stop all the pettiness and focus on the real issues. If President Obama wants to send a positive message to the children of our country it should make us all feel happy that he cares enough about kids who are not even old enough to cast votes to encourage them to stay in school and be successful in life despite the hurdles life throws at them.


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