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You are judged by the company you keep...

That is what I teach my child. If she hangs around good students with good morals (no matter the color) she will also be pushed in that same direction. I also tell her if she hangs with people with poor morals, poor students who don't care about grades or behavior..she will also be pushed in that direction. I did not vote for Obama because of the company he has kept over the last 20 or so years. I do not believe in his beliefs when it comes to religion (Jeremiah Wright), his take on abortion (partial birth abortion), his patriotism when he would not put his hand over his heart during our Nation Anthem. I do not feel he is pushing our country in the right direction (as much as I hoped he would have)and I don't feel he is a good role model for my children. As in any role model, as a parent it is my right to allow her to hear that person speak. I will be pulling my daughter out of class at 11:30 just prior to the speech...since it will be talked about in class for a long while I am sure, we will watch it together and discuss without the views of the teachers getting in the way.


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