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Racism racism racism...really. Well for one thing racism is a 2, 3 or however many different cultures and races we have in this country, they are all guilty of racism to an extent. If you don't like it here then what I would suggest to you is that you take your sorry self back to the country you proclaim as your race identifiable country and live there instead!! I highly doubt you will. This country affords more opportunity to those willing to work hard for it. Instead of waiting for reparations and handouts, or crying racism every time you don't get your way, try working hard to raise your family and your standard. This goes out to every race involved. As far as Obama and the speech, let parents decide if their children should watch and then discuss the issues with them. It does not take a village to raise a child, it takes 2 involved parents willing to sacrifice their own needs and wants to insure the prosperity of their child.


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