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"I want you to write me a letter..."

Just quoting George H.W. Bush in his adress to the school children of our nation in 1991. "I want you to write me a letter..." Where was the uproar then? "I'm not allowing my kids to watch the socialist, indoctrinating speech so I'm keeping them out of school..." Great message to send to your kids, about the public school, that is a social program. If you do not like social programs, send your kids to private school. If you do not like social programs, don't take the free vaccinne when a health epidemic rolls into town. If you do not like social programs, then turn the fireman away the next time your house is burning down. You should not keep your child out of school for anything other than fear for their safety. Are you going to keep them out of church too when the preacher tells them to do good unto others? Or is that too indoctrinating for your stubborn self? How dare that preacher force his priesthood agenda onto your child? Wake up people. The further the divide, the harder to close the gap. I am a republican and Regan conservative. If we ever want to win another presidential election, we have to stop coming off as so paranoid and fearful. You nut-jobs are ruining our party forever.


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