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I think people are getting

I think people are getting bent out of shape. Particularly by playing the race card. Ever since Obama became president, anytime there is conflict surrounding him there is a group yelling "race". I personally don't care for Obama. I didn't vote for him but I accepted that the majority of the country did. All I can do for the next four years is hope that he betters the country. But my daughter is almost 14 years old. I feel that she is old enough and ready to have opinions on a political stand point. Not that Obama's speech is going to have political undertones. But she can sit in class and listen and make decisions on her own as to the point he is trying to make. In regards to the Brunswick County School board, I didn't vote for any of them either. I feel you should have kids in the school system to sit on the school board. But I do respect their decision to postpone the airing of the speech. They were simply trying to avoid conflict...but unfortunately their intentions blew up in their face. Trust you kids. After all, you raised them. Face it...if they are in 5th grade or below, they're not going to find offense in the President speaking to them. Only the older grades may try to read into it...probably based on concern expressed at home about the speech.


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