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If you'd care to look back over older messages....'d see that I was griping about his lousy performance as Commander-in-Chief. I discussed the Principles of War and specifically mentioned that he and Rumsfeld were obviously "honor graduates at the Johnson-MacNamara School of Military Ineptitude." BTW, those wars were only unwinnable because like his daddy, he had no stomach for the slaughter. You can read my analysis of his stopping the Marines at first Fallujah and calling off the Army Rangers when they were within an hour of killing or capturing Muqtada al Sadr. You can also bet that our new policy of not using air power, but instead breaking contact with the enemy when non-combatants are present, will accomplish nothing but the further wasting of American lives while not destroying the enemy and his will to fight. As far as the rape of Wall Street and the housing industry, I'd suggest that you do some research into laws such as the Community Redevelopment Act (Carter) and various other laws passed under the Clinton Administration that basically forced banks to make substandard loans to people without any hope of repaying. Consider me an extremist if you wish, but my extremism is based entirely upon the U.S. Constitution.


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