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Helping THIS president...

...will help the country???? Only if you feel that turning the United States into some Socailist Utopia constitutes "helping it." If fact, you yourself point out the glaring decline in how we interpret helping our country. John F. Kennedy implored us to "..ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country." Today, the entire Democratic Party dedicates itself to telling you what the country is going to do for you. "Don't worry about how we'll pay for it - we'll just raise taxes on those suckers who pay taxes!" With the bottom 50% of wage earners paying less than 3% of all personal income taxes, don't you think it's time THEY started doing something for their country? Or do we just keep giving them more and more, by taking away from the other half of the country? You greatly disappoint me, Kevin. I never before thought of you as a partner in the destruction of America.


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