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Socialist Utopia?

What a joke. You complain that Obama is turning the USA into something it has already been but are too stupid to realize. If the US didn't put all its military and political power into private oil and gas conmbustion energy, the price of gas would already be equal to what they pay in Europe for the past 20 years and alternatives would have been more economical and replaced the entire infrastructure back in the 1980s. But since oil, coal and transportation is provided by the government, and the government is elected with oil profits, we have had no free market choices. IE: we have lived in a socialist energy and transportation environment since World War Two. The US manufactures and sells weapons worldwide to keep the wars alive, to require our blind obediance, and we have become comfortably numb to the reality that we deal in death and destruction while acting like we want to stop it. We fight the fires while feeding the flames. You say the bottom 50% pay so little, yet all of the 10 million people affiliated with the department of defense live nearly at the poverty level and give their lives in service to the country while the rich complain their taxes are so high they can hardly afford to pay their maid at the vacation home.


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