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I'd suggest that you enlist or accept a commission.

You might then learn about military pay and allowances. Average job in Wilmington pays $32,450. A Marine corporal (E-4) over four years draws an annual salary of $25,531.20. If he's married and lives off base, he draws an additional $12,069.24 in BAS and BAH. (If he gets sent to a high-cost area, that BAH can increase substantially.) That adds up to $37,600.44, beating the average wage in Wilmington by over $5k If he has to deploy overseas or go to sea, he draws additional pay. (He will lose his BAS food allowance.) Ditto if he's in a flight status or works in a hazardous duty, such as EOD. He and his family receive totally free medical care. He receives free dental care. He pays $27.00 per month for $400k of insurance. In addition to the G.I. Bill, he can have his tuition fully paid by the service, not even touching his G.I. Bill. while he attends class on active duty... ...and that's a CORPORAL, the lowest rank of NCO and a rank that everyone will achieve in their first enlistment if they keep their nose clean. If he sticks around he will see that salary climb with every promotion, every second anniversary of his service date, and will usually get a COLA bump every year on top of those raises. If he sticks around he can retire before he hits forty and receive one of the most generous retirement pensions in the world. Along the way he can collect two or three re-enlistment bonuses that can hit $30k. They earn every penny of it, but one thing you can NOT claim about our military is that they are underpaid. BTW, they pay tax on their base pay and bonuses, so they are NOT part of the deadbeat society that is dragging this nation down.


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