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not my kids

You say the kids will see it on youtube anyways?? Not my children. They don't have access to the computer unless I'm there. I also have parental controls on mine for pre-approved websites. I also check their history on a regular basis. If I see a website that was not pre-approved then they are grounded. Controlling you may say? DARN RIGHT!! it MY responsibility to control what my children are exposed to! It is also MY responsibility to make sure they get a good quality education. The President had not right in the classroom. If he didn't want to cause problems then why not make the speech available ahead of time (more than the day before) and allow parents to make up our minds that way? Also, what was with the lesson plan? My children watch what I deem to be appropriate for them. We discuss things and explain things to them so they understand AND we do it in an unbiased manner so they can form their own opinion. I make sure they understand that our country was founded on rights to freedoms - freedoms from tyranny, dictator, or king. Also the freedom to raise my children the way I SEE FIT!! If you want to call me irresponsible then you go right ahead. I don't really care. It is those who don't have some control of their children who end up on the nightly news because they've been shot, robbed someone, arrested for murder or drugs. Oh and you may say we are small and misdirected? You are living in a fantasy world if you think that a small group of people can't make a change, which also means you didn't pay attention the day they taught about the American Revolution!!


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