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I am not sure what your so

I am not sure what your so angry about here! YES! Dogs lives are the same as humans... We are in America! NOT the asian countries where they eat dog!!! Dogs are a mans best friend, save children's lives, let you know when there is trouble coming, help people walk, talk, dial a telephone, alert 911 in some cases and can even smell cancer in your body in some cases.. Now all of these things that I have just listed is nothing short of a doctor or nurse's profession!!! My dog even saved my grandson's life by pulling him from a swimming pool, by being much faster he made it to him before we could and pulled him out!!! Don't tell me that it was just a dog! You and Michael Vick must share the same intelligence when it comes to animals!! You 2 should NEVER have children because if you can't love a dog you'll NEVER make a even so-so parent!!


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