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Officer Not at Fault!

It was a judgment call. The dog was drowning and was at a distance. Hard to make out what type of animal exactly it could be from a distance. It was demonstrating characteristics of rabbis. If it was a rabid animal, and the officer took no action, he would be putting residents and other animals at risk. To approach an animal demonstrating characteristics of rabbis is also a risk. The officer had no way of knowing the dogs exact condition, and had to act in the best interest of the majority of citizens who he is supposed to protect. Animals that are rabid are dangerous especially to small children. The owners are at more fault for the dogs death than the officer. If the dog was in this bad of shape they should have kept closer watch on the dog. Probably any animal control officer seeing a dog behave like this, would have put the dog down. The officer did the humane thing, and the animal did not suffer. Those leaving comments saying what a bad job the officer did, you should put yourself in his shoes. He was doing his job and made a judgment call that I myself or any other probably would have made if we had his responsibility. His choices, risk letting a possible rabid dog go lose to infect a person or other animals, risk attempting to catch the animal and putting himself in harms way, letting the dog suffer and possibly drown, or humanly taking the dog out of his misery and ending any risks to others. You pick!


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