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Negligent, No Way

After reading some of these it's past time to set the record straight! The call that went into the County "said" there was a Rabid Coyote; therefore the County came immeditaly and that was what they were expecting to find. The person (and X cop) who called "bragged" to another neighbor "thats the only way to get those people to come out here on a Holiday!". The neighbor who called knew the dog belonged to a new family with 5 little children. He knew the dog would be out from time to time without a leash. What he nor the County emplyee did not know was the dog had a stroke several months prior. The dog was in the family drive way 40 minutes before the owner made the call to the County for any information about a missing dog. How do we know that, we saw the dog in the families drive way. The person who made that call should have either told the truth or kept his "own" neurological impairments to him self that morning! He knew it was not a Coyote, therefore he knew it also was not rabid! It was just a cheap way (or so he may think it was going to be) to rid the neighbohood of what "he" called negligent pet owners. Oh and as for the part about falling into the pond we are not sure if it fell in before or after the shot was fired, do you know the truth either? This is a just awful for everyone involved!


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