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dog shot

I am the owner of Stoley who was an incredible animal companion to me, my husband, and our five boys. He was old and had all the issues that surround his age. He was also still very much alive, giving and receiving love everyday. He was not ready to die this way after all of the great years he had given to us. He should have died with his family on a nice comfy bed with us by his side. I feel like Labor Day was the perfect storm with lots of mistakes taking place that ultimately took him from us in the most horribly way. It hurts to think that someone thought of our Stoley as a threat, especially after all the love and benefit he had always offered. It all started with a frantic phone call to 911 by a neighbor who thought Stoley was a wild animal with rabies. We all know people like that who take things out of context and this time Stoley had to pay the price. Stoley's rabies vaccine didn't expire until May 5, 2011. The animal control officer was called out on an emergency call with thoughts that people were in danger. Instead of taking a close look at the situation upon arrival to the location, he reacted without even enough observation to see that Stoley was a pet, an old man pet who just needed help. There was absolutely no reason he couldn't have walked up to Stoley and put his hands all over him. Stoley would have never tried to bite. If he would have just gotten closer he would have known. I was told the animal control officer's actions on my pet were taken 50 to 60 yards away. He had his gun in hand and the dog was not thrashing with any aggression. He certainly could have gotten closer and he would have helped Stoley not killed him! I would have been so happy, and would have been so blessed, if I were given the opportunity to pick up my dog from the animal shelter this morning. Mistake number three lies right here with me, the owner. I should have never trusted that my pet would never wonder off. I should have never let him sit on the porch without me in his presence. I should have looked down the street a little further, a little earlier. Stoley should have never been given the opportunity to get lost. As for the animal control officer, I forgive him. I must forgive him. I feel like he would have never intentionally hurt us. He didn't know what he was taking from us at the time. He didn't know what a fine animal friend that Stoley was. He didn't know how MUCH we loved him. He didn't know that Stoley was like a child to me. He didn't know that Stoley was no threat to anyone. I just want him to tell the story so maybe next time the next person will be more careful and assess the situation a little better. The animal control officer is not a bad man! As for the caller who made my dog look like an enemy, a killer, a threat.. you need help! Think about what you say and do to others. You have caused so much pain! To all of you people who can't wait to catch someone breaking a neighborhood rule or making a simple harmless mistake, may you realize you are not perfect either. May you realize life is so much bigger and better than these petty things. Love your neighbor and do unto your neighbor as you would want them to do to you. Thanks for hearing my story and I hope that you can see how much a person can love their pet. Please learn from these mistakes, Lee


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