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Sorry for your loss.....

I'm really sorry to hear of the loss of your long-time family member. While it appears the old feller had some issues going on, it would've been nice for him to have had a more dignified exit. No matter how old and confused they get, it is never easy to lose them. I hope you can overlook some of the insensitive and ignorant comments that people have posted below. Your willingness to forgive the officer is very admirable. I am again very sorry for the loss of your family friend and companion. It would appear to me that the animal control officers need better training in the use of deadly force to control an animal. There are several methods of control available to them that are not deadly. I haven't seen anywhere that this animal actually posed an actual threat to anyone. Being confused, walking in circles and possibly drowning may have had an odd appearance, but it's not as if he was cornering anyone with red eyes, a foaming mouth and knarled teeth while growling at them. sounds like a very bad call, poor training, inaccurate observations and the inappropriate use of deadly force. As for the person that called this animal in as a threat, I hope you're happy to have caused the death of an innocent, elderly and somewhat helpless animal. You have caused great pain to this animals family as well. Hopefully, the next time you feel the itch to be the nosey neighborhood Barney Fife, you will think twice! Nice work!


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