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I personally know the family of this dog, Stolle, and knew Stolle also. I also have a dog that is 19 years old and is in pretty darn good health, those of you that say he should have been put down know nothing of elderly animals and the people that care for them. Stolle, the last I saw him was in good health also, a bit slow, like my dog, and some people that are aged. I would not wish to put down my dog Cocoa any more than I would wish to put down my mother if she were in poor health. The very first time I met Stolle he walked up and nuzzled me and was never nervous or threatening in ANY way. As far as the "animal control" officer goes, I am surprised that he or anyone else thought that Stolle was a coyote! He has generally been shaved as of the last few years! How many neatly shaved or clipped coyote's have you seen lately? Obviously the dog was in distress, how many people have you heard of, in distress, unable to speak, acting strangely that have been shot twice to kill them (elderly with alzhiemers?)?? (I also realize that it was a DOG not a person, as some may say, but it was a FAMILY member). I understand the officer may have been nervous and was trying to do his job, but I really think he could have taken more time to assess the situation considering the dog was not threatening anyone and it should have been obvious that it was a family pet, since he was shaved or clipped. I also wonder, are there no darts for animal control officers to put an animal out so they CAN asess a situation like this more closely? This is as bad as accusing someone of a horrible crime and giving them the death penalty, killing them and then finding out they were actually innocent. My sincerest condolences to the family of Stolle. What sweet eyes he had. He will be missed.


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