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I am so sincerely sorry for your loss. I do know the feeling, but not in such a crude, evil way. Stoley was a good dog and even the first time I met him he nuzzeled me and said Hi. Cocoa is 19 and I still don't wish to put her down any more than I wish to put my mother down for being elderly. She's like Stoley, a bit slow, sleeps a lot, but otherwise in good health. She's a part of the family, the whole family. I can't believe anyone would think he was a coyote! I assume he was still shaved down some. I don't know how many shaved coyotes are hangin around that area?? Don't animal control officers have darts to calm the animal to check the situation out before shooting them? Hope I don't live around there when I'm old and if I have alzhiemers and wander around confused the cops might just shoot me even if there doesn't appear to be any immediate threat to others! Honestly, how often has THAT happened? I know, most people think "it's just a dog, an old dog", but they have no idea how much love and care is involved in owning a dog, cat or any pet. It's just like taking care of an elderly parent, you love them and care for them til they go, and then you miss them. Stoley will be missed, what sweet eyes he had.


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