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Bad comment, uncalled for.

Quote by Guest in Ohio: (Hope I don't live around there when I'm old and if I have alzhiemers and wander around confused the cops might just shoot me even if there doesn't appear to be any immediate threat to others!) What a terrible thing to say about our officers. You are talking about a human life compared to a dog. Yes a like dogs to, but they in no way compare to the life of a person. A confused dog wandering like that can be a threat to other people, especially small children. This dog turned out not to be a threat, but how was the officer supposed to know without putting himself at risk and getting close. Would you risk yourself for a dog? A person with common sense would not. This officer seemed to have a little common sense. I'm sure he was taught not to approach an animal displaying characteristics of rabbis. Maybe a human life, but not a dog. A rabid animal can turn on you fast. I witnessed that with my mother, and she had to get a series of painful rabbis shots afterwords. The real world is not like you see on Animal Planet where they can dart every animal and then cure it. To the owner, I am sorry for your loss.


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