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I understand and appreciated the fact that you have enough compassion in your heart to forgive the animal control officer here, but the facts are the facts and what appears to have been carried out on Labor Day borderlines on criminal negligence in my opinion. First of all, and it has been beaten to death here already, but it appears that the efforts of the animal control officer to clearly identify the animal in question as a threat to the public was just not carried out with due diligence according to the article and your statements above. I would assume that the ability to identify an animal as threat would be of a paramount importance as to whether someone is fit to serve as an animal control officer. Furthermore I am bit surprised to hear that animal control officers carry firearms. I am not trying to debate whether animal control officers should have firearms, but I am openly questioning how the weapon was handled in this situation. First, it sounds like that the incident took place in a residential neighborhood, so it is safe to assume that the area is not sparsely populated. Second of all, if the animal control officer fired from 50 yards or more away there is a lot of room for error in his shot. The chances of an arrant shot missing and/or deflecting and then hitting an unattended party are low but the risk is there, especially in a neighborhood setting. It appears that the officer took this risk based solely off of the comments of the individual that made the original 911 call. Please read the link to the story below if you feel that I am blowing these risks out of proportion.


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