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old people and dogs

I believe if a human being is suffering then they should have the option to be "put to sleep" in a humane and ethically reasonable that I have put my pets down in the past. I dont believe a human being should struggle along, creating undo hardships on the rest of us, driving up the cost of healthcare. It is grossly unforgivable that any creature human or beast suffer from disease, dementia, strokes, anything that causes an unproductive and burdensome life. Yes they should be put down, we are a cruel society when we put our own emotions ahead of what is best for society. This dog served no purpose other than being a fetish of rememberance to his owners. If the dog could have talked he would have complained. If he was human he would have costs us over $100,000 in healthcare ordered by a greedy physician. If an old person wants to go, we should let him. That's what end of life counseling is all about, giving someone the option of ending their life when it becomes a burden. They drug my father from hospital to hospital, from nursing home to hospice, by the end of those last two years his modest fortune was in the hands of the doctors and not his family.


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