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The President should have

The President should have had a long talk today on racism among the school children. I have heard plenty of talk the past few days about how the opposition to his speech was racism. Let me give you an example of racism in schools that needs to be addressed. My daughter informed me this evening that her school is currently planning their homecoming activities. She has two friends who are of Korean descent and they went to sign up for election to the Queen's Court. They were informed by the young lady who was signing candidates up that they only have categories for black, white, and hispanic. The rules are that only these three races can sign up to run and when the student body votes for their picks, they are given a list where the candidates are divided up by race and you can only vote for one person of each race because they want a white, black, and a hispanic in the court and the girls are required to find escorts of the same race as they are. If this is not teaching our children racial profiling, what is it doing? I went to a racially diverse school in high school and you voted for the people you wanted to win, not by quotas. I have never heard of such a thing. On another note, they held class president elections today, and their teacher told them who to vote for. There was only one person running and the students were actually objecting to having to vote as she was not who they would have liked to have. The teacher asked for a show of hands as to who would actually vote for her and there was no one, however the teacher instructed them to vote for her anyway. What kind of a lesson is this teaching?


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