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The Republicans look stupid

The Republicans who tried to paint this speech by Obama to the school children as something political or dangerous for the children really look silly. That backfired. But just like in the Health Care debate, the Republicans have no good ideas for the country, and are powerless and frustrated; so they use every excuse to raise a ruckus, hoping to derail progress by the opposition party. America is starved for progress after eight years of disasterous results from the Republicans, who failed miserably and were sent packing in droves. But apparently the Republicans never learn. Their proposals for health care are not helpful: H.R. 3400 Cover the Uninsured Act- This ridiculous proposition would *repeal the stimulus* and do nothing but give a tax credit to those who already can afford health insurance. It does nothing to address the fact that insurance companies deny coverage for pre-existing conditions. It does nothing to help the chronically unemployed, who cannot afford insurance to begin with. HR 2520 Patient's Choice Act-This ridiculous proposition creates an Interagency while establishing a Commission and another Office (larger government), gives a tax credit to those who can already afford Health Insurance, and (lol) REPEALS THE STATE CHILDREN'S HEALTH INSURANCE PROGRAM. This ridiculous proposition also does nothing to help the chronically unemployed, nor those with pre-existing conditions. NOTE: I must also add that nothing in any of these plans addresses the way insurance companies can terminate coverage and deny payment for no good reason when a patient has an expensive valid claim. They do nothing to stop the overcharging Doctors who, for example, charge thousands of dollars per patient, per day, on an entire hospital floor for five minute meetings (especially the psychiatrists). These bills usually go to Medicaid/Medicare. DOCTORS ARE MILKING IT, DRIVING UP COSTS. This legislation also does nothing to address the overcharging and overprescribing of prescription drugs. PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES ARE MILKING IT, DRIVING UP COSTS. Therefore, costs will continue to balloon! So since they don't have any good ideas on issues that matter to us, the Republicans try to make an issue out of (lol) a speech about staying in school.


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